Sunday, 28 January 2018

[RECIPE] Steamed Fish Fillet


I'm one that goes for discounts and offers in the supermarkets and every time I go Giant, I will look into the freezers for such deals. Frozen fish fillets always have great offers so how not to grab them home? Nowadays, seafood and fish are quite expensive (so are poultry) at wet markets so the cheaper option will be frozen ones (okay not all are cheap but keep your eyes open and you will find the best deal). And can be kept longer in the freezer if you don't cook often like us (we are weekend homecook). Whether it is meant for deep fry, bake or steam, the ingredients that we get for ourselves will always serve us in their very best way. 


3 slices of fish fillet, slice into half

Preferred amount of salt, pepper and sesame oil 
(for seasoning, leave the seasoned fillet in the fridge for at least an hour or more before steaming)

Spring onions, chopped
(for garnishing)


Preferred amount of: soya bean paste, minced garlic, sugar, oyster sauce, chilli paste, chicken broth and mix well together. Do a taste test before adding more, if needed.


1. Turn on the heat and boil a suitable amount of water in the pot. Once the water is boiled, put in the seasoned fillets and steam for 10 mins. 

2. After 10 mins, bring out the plate and pour away the excess water from the steaming. Do not turn off the heat. Pour the sauce over the fillets and bring to steam for another 2-3 mins. 

3. Turn off the heat and garnish with spring onions.

[RECIPE] Stir-Fry Cucumber with Egg


How did this dish come about? All thanks to my husband. Instead of having cucumbers on its own (plain jane), he made it into a simple and fuss-free dish using three ingredients: cucumber, egg and dry shrimps. Perfect for small families like us (yes, just the two of us).

Because you need to soften the cucumber during the cooking process, slice the cucumber to the correct thickness so that it won't get mushy along the way.

Superb easy dish and if a noob like me can do it, you sure can. And you probably can innovate from here for other dishes.


1 medium sized cucumber 
(skinned, seeds removed, sliced)

1 egg, beaten (w/o seasoning)

A handful of dry shrimps, soaked
(do not throw away the water)

1 tablespoon of Oyster sauce
(for seasoning: add more when needed)

Fried shallots for garnishing


1. Heat the pan with oil. Add minced garlic (ready-to-use type from supermarkets) or chopped garlic and stir fry till fragrance. 

2. Follow by soaked shrimps into the pan and do the same too. 

3. Time to put the sliced cucumbers to cook. Using the water from soaking the dry shrimps, add oyster sauce to it and mix well before pouring into the pan. That can help soften the cucumbers. 

4. Last step, to pour the beaten egg in anti-clockwise (or clockwise you prefer) the egg-drop way. Do not immediately stir. Wait for 5-10 secs or when you see it starting to cook (I mean the egg). Then mix with the cucumbers. 

5. Turn off the heat and serve with some fried shallots on top as garnishing.